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Detailed Information


Making music is the activity about which I have been most passionate throughout my life, and since January 2000, I've discovered a similar passion for teaching.  Although I've taught music on a one–to–one basis at various times in my life, it's been since then that I've had the most interest and commitment, and this is reflected in the training I've undertaken for the profession in recent years.  Additionally, I value highly the opportunity as a teacher to contribute to my local and neighbouring communities, to help others to enhance their knowledge and appreciation of music and progress their skills, confidence and pleasure in being active participants in it.

















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One–to–one Experience

Alongside the one–to–one teaching that I do as described in the Overview, I also teach music privately to all ages (6+), at levels from beginner to advanced and professional, on most conventional instruments and voice, including in aid of those studying towards GCSE, A-Level, BTEC, Grade and other exams.  I also enjoy guiding coursework, composing and lyric writing.  I teach within most western music genres, though I specialise in jazz, improvising and popular music streams.  Most musicianship skills are universal, and my students and I often encounter how skills and understanding derived from one instrument or music genre can inform practice on or in another.  Since January 2000, I've taught students of piano, voice, double bass, saxophone, trumpet/flugelhorn, flute, clarinet, guitar and drums (which I played semi-professionally years ago).

  • Other one-to–one teaching has included...

    — Coaching an effectively blind, young adult singer with additional severe learning disabilities, for Tower Hamlets Leaving Care [Social] Services

    — Working as a distance-learning tutor for the Open College of the Arts on their Composing Music I and II courses, which were focused on western classical music

















I hope this has been helpful and encouraging.  If you have any questions or wish to enquire about lessons, I'd be very pleased to hear from you (020 8530-0710).


Looking forward,

Claude Alexander


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