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May 2017

(To Whom It May Concern:)

I highly recommend Claude as a music teacher.  I started my lessons following a few years of not playing much music and wanting to pick it [and my fretless and fretted basses] back up again, improve my improvisational skills and lose some bad habits along the way.

Claude immediately recognised the mistakes I was making and devised unique exercises and lessons to remedy them.  In addition to correcting mistakes in my technique, Claude has vastly improved my knowledge of music theory and, most importantly, my practical musicianship.

Claude has developed a unique and effective model of music pedagogy which I have found to be highly effective and enjoyable.  At the core of each lesson is musicality, whilst theory and technical exercises are rooted in practical musicianship, making each lesson valuable and enjoyable.


Overall, Claude has an excellent knowledge of music theory, musicianship and most importantly, has a love of music which translates into interesting, engaging and useful lessons which result in noticeable improvements in my playing and musicianship after each lesson.

John Clarvis



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