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November 2015


I began having jazz piano lessons with Claude in 2007.  This was my first introduction to jazz, and clearly it had a profound effect, as I am currently in my fourth year on a Conservatoire jazz course.  While we covered a lot of theory in our lessons, it was all done in a very practical way; it never felt abstract or too complicated and was all done through playing.


I feel that every area of my musicality benefited from lessons with Claude and I still work on the concepts and ways of practising that we covered.  While I was very happy with the progress I had made on the piano in my four years of lessons with Claude, I chose to pursue the guitar into higher education, but carried on my studies with him.  This proved to be just as fruitful as my piano lessons, as Claude was very accommodating and sensitive toward my other instrument.


The thought, consideration, experience and care with which Claude teaches, coupled with the outstanding musical lineage from which he comes made him a teacher without whom I would not have achieved nearly so much.

Thank you Claude!

Kind regards,
John Greenwood



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