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2 June 2015


To Whom It May Concern,

I have been learning Jazz Piano with Claude now for around six months.  Before finding Claude, I had some experience learning the piano myself and with several teachers, but struggled to understand how everything fits together, especially with improvising, complex chords etc.  Claude was very quick to spot the areas that I needed to improve upon, both theoretically and technically, which has helped me to take things to the next level.


Besides having a great passion for jazz, it's evident that Claude is just as passionate about his students receiving the same enjoyment that he does himself from music.  The previous teachers I've had were happy to play the long game and drag things out, whereas Claude jumps from theory to theory, without wasting any time.

I am still taking lessons with Claude and would recommend him to anyone who is serious about becoming a real Jazz pianist or hopes to understand music in greater depth generally – as long as you don't take my Tuesday evening slot! :)

Dom Van Halle





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