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26 July 2002


RE: Teaching Reference for Claude Alexander


To Whom It May Concern


I have been having lessons with Claude Alexander since January 2002.  I am a classically trained pianist with a degree in music from the University of Birmingham, but knew very little about jazz, and Claude has been sensitive to the depth of my musical knowledge in some areas, and the lack in others.  He has been careful to tailor our programme to suit this discrepancy, and created a number of worksheets to help me on my way.


Lessons have generally involved listening, singing and improvising, and a fair amount of discussion.  They have been stimulating and thought provoking and have completely changed my perspective on the keyboard, and on the way I listen to music.  He is a versatile and interested teacher, and besides opening the door to jazz for me, was able to help me with preparation for a performance of Beethoven, significantly altering my perspective on the piece.  He has been interested in what I can bring to the music, and there is an ongoing sense that we learn a lot from each other.


Claude is creative and inspiring and has an active sense of humour.  He is a breath of fresh air after the music lecturers I experienced at University.  There is no doubt that he experiences music as a living thing, and is very free and flexible in his approach.


Yours faithfully,

Charlotte Eaton

London NW6





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