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16 January 2012


Hi Claude,

Happy new year to you too!  The holidays were very pleasant and relaxed, and a good break before the chaos of my busy season at work begins again!

Lesson-wise, I never really intended to take such a long hiatus; I was very much enjoying being able to be challenged again by music and I thought you were a wonderful teacher to do that with.  Unfortunately though, my work obligations in the foreseeable future mean that any week-by-week commitments will be challenging to meet.  Though playing the piano is something I very much would like to continue doing, I feel I may have to wait a couple of years before I can commit to it in any meaningful way.

I am sure if I'm still living out east come September 2013 that I will be in touch to pick up where we left off; and for the mean time, when I have the time to do so, I feel like I at least have a few new tricks up my sleeve to try and give it a go for myself.

Best wishes,





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