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19 May 2016


I've played the saxophone for years but have neglected it in the last decade.  I've always been curious about how music works, particularly jazz, and in the last couple of years decided to pursue my saxophone playing more diligently.


Claude has been an excellent choice of teacher for me.  He started by being very attentive to my posture and sound, despite the fact that he doesn't play the saxophone himself, and has moved me on through scales and pattern playing while also giving me a greater understanding of jazz harmony.


He has a deep knowledge of the jazz idiom and because he's genuinely and infectiously enthusiastic about it, lessons have sometimes gone way over their scheduled time, and I've left his place with my poor brain half fried.  There is a lot to learn!


Aside from being a personable bloke, Claude has been a considerate teacher and very positive and supportive of my musicianship (I could perhaps say overly optimistic about my ability [Not true! - CA]).  I would highly recommend him as a teacher!

Mike Campbell



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