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12 June 2018


I had weekly one-to-one lessons with Claude for 10 months.  I originally contacted him as a beginner saxophonist and musician in general.  I had been having group lessons at a college for a year and was keen to deepen my understanding of music and develop my ability and technique further.

Claude was enthusiastic about having me on board and we spent our first lesson gauging my level of knowledge.  From there we worked on everything from my posture and how to hold the saxophone, to music theory and improvisation.  He was able to direct me coherently and helpfully despite not being a saxophonist himself.  Claude was very encouraging and can change direction if I am struggling with something.

Claude clearly loves music and jazz and his passion for it is infectious.  I was constantly learning from what seemed to be his endless depth of knowledge and have come away with a solid foundation of music theory knowledge.  Unfortunately, I had to stop lessons for personal reasons, but I hope to restart in the future.

Joanne Mears


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