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29 July 2002


To Whom It May Concern:


I highly recommend Claude Alexander as a music teacher.   I contacted Claude as a complete beginner who was seeking to become a jazz singer, and continued with weekly lessons for approximately 8 months. 


Claude clearly has a deep understanding of music theory and particularly of jazz.  But more important to a beginning student were his enthusiasm and passion for music and for anyone seeking to learn.


Claude was unfailingly supportive of my learning.  He was creative and flexible about designing practices and exercises that worked around what I didn't know and the time and equipment I had available.  If something he suggested wasn't working, he was always willing to find another teaching method that would be more effective and more fun.


I found Claude very patient when I wasn't making progress and always encouraging when I was.  I genuinely looked forward to each weekly session.


I discontinued my lessons for personal reasons, but would always recommend him to others.  I am sure he will be an asset to your programmes.


Yours sincerely, 

Barbara Ex





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