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December 2011

To Whom It May Concern:

I have known Claude Alexander for a little over one year.  I have no formal musical training and some may argue no musical talent, but I did as a child play in a junior brass band and some twenty-five years after last playing, decided that I wanted to be a great flugelhorn player.  So I rang Claude and he said let's get learning.  We have fun in lessons, and although I tease him for being too hard on me, he is a patient and realistic man.

I have found lessons with Claude to be that most crucial of things for effective learning, that is to say, they are fun.  His personality makes me want to make progress and although as a busy primary school head teacher I don’t always have time to practice, he is patient and gracious with my efforts.  In addition, he has stopped me being too self-critical and is always 100% supportive.

Claude is warm and welcoming – and does a nice coffee too!  I would not hesitate to recommend him as an instrumental coach.  It has been a real pleasure studying with him, and I am delighted with the progress I have made over the past year, and hope to make even more over the next year.

Yours faithfully,
Gary Boyd

Head Teacher

Southwold Primary School

Hackney, London



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